FUN DAY 29 MAY 2019

By June 2, 2019Events

Fun Day at Retire at Midstream Bowling Club

A big thank you to Ken and Esme Penderis and helpers for organizing a fun Bowls day on Wednesday 29 May 2019.  The outside green was filled to near capacity with 42 players. A format of play was introduced that has not been experienced here at Midstream Bowling Club before.  Bowlers were not allowed to indicate their preferred positions and had to play in the positions they were drawn.  A total of three games of eight ends were played.  After each game new team mates and positions were drawn.  That meant that players could play in positions they had never played before.  After the first 2 games were played a light lunch was served.  The fun day was ended with a last game of 8 ends and an informal price giving ceremony.  Everybody enjoyed the fun day and agreed that it was good fun.

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