Bowls coaching is available to members (free) and to new bowlers (R100 for initial training course) and needs to be arranged directly with the Bowls coach.

General bowls coaching is available to members on Wednesdays from 14:00 to 16:00, by prior arrangement.

Private lessons at may be arranged with the Bowls coach if required.

New bowlers will be allowed 3 lessons before having to apply for membership. Once an application for membership is received by the club, the prospective new member may continue with coaching until the coach is happy that he/she is ready to play in a game. The coach will advise the bowls committee accordingly.

During coaching sessions, new bowlers must wear flat heel-less shoes but may play bare footed for the first session only. Bowls will be supplied by the club for coaching sessions and the coach will advise new bowlers on the correct size of bowls to purchase.

The coaching coordinator is Robert Roode and he is assisted by Lynette Grey and Danny Ross.

For any coaching enquiries please contact Robert on 083 303 1435 or Lynette on 083 276 0989