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By February 5, 2017News

R@M Bowls Club is an open club and therefore anyone is welcome to apply for membership. In the past year we started an initiative to introduce the club and the game to the wider Midstream community by:

  • Hosting a number of corporate days as well as a “buddy” day. These events were hugely successful and again showed that bowls is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • Starting an evening game at our indoor facilities. This has become increasingly popular as it is not dependant on the weather and suits people with busy schedules.

In the wake of the success of the past year we plan to create even more opportunities this year for the community to participate and enjoy the game, including:

  1. Free training

All you need to do is to make an appointment with Danie du Preez (details below)

  1. “Buddy” days
  • Teams are put together consisting of players and buddies
  • This is a really enjoyable event and quite a number of buddies joined our club after last year’s buddy day
  • Bowls are made available to buddies
  1. Introduction days to school children

We plan to contact the schools directly to arrange special days for the children

  1. Corporate days
  • Companies are invited to use our facilities for team building purposes
  • This is an excellent and enjoyable way for colleagues to meet, compete and enjoy team building in a completely different way
  • The services include a support team of club members providing basic coaching and support to the teams
  • Food and drinks are offered as part of the service
  • Rates are very reasonable
  1. Club matches, Open days and League matches

For the more competitive players, we offer:

  • Club matches where members or teams could challenge each other
  • Open days where teams from other clubs are invited to participate
  • League competitions: for the past few years our teams competed in the reserve league and both our women and men’s teams stand a good chance to end up at the top of the log in the current season

We look forward to receive your call:

  • Gerhard van der Westhuizen – President – 083 564 2477
  • Ken Penderis – Vice President – 079 499 5426
  • Deon Geyser – Secretary – 082 888 6880
  • Eddy Niezen – Treasurer – 083 455 2760
  • Danie du Preez – Training – 081 259 9244

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