Updated January 2021

1.1 The R@M Bowls Club (R@MBC) is a sporting affiliate of Retire@Midstream Home Owners
1.2 The Board of Directors of the Retire@Midstream HOA has established a Bowls Committee to
control and manage the R@M Bowls Club in accordance with the Memorandum of Incorporation
(MOI) of the Home Owners Association (HOA).
1.3 This Constitution is designed to establish the minimum rules and regulations to ensure the
smooth running of R@MBC. Where a specific subject is not covered by this Constitution, the
requirements of the HOA MOI shall be considered, as well as the principles governing the spirit of
the game of Bowls.
1.4 Any conflict or matter which cannot be resolved by the R@M Bowls Club or Retire@Midstream
HOA Bowls Committee shall be referred to the Retire@Midstream HOA Board to resolve.
1.5 The Facility is the property of Bondev Midrand and is leased to the Retire@Midstream HOA.
1.6 The Facility consists of the outdoor and indoor greens, clubhouse, kitchen and Jukskei facility.

The name of the Club shall be R@M Bowls Club. , hereinafter referred to as the Bowls Club.

The Bowls Club shall be registered with and affiliated to Bowls South Africa and Bowls Gauteng
North or any associations to develop therefrom.

The objectives of the Bowls Club shall be to promote and foster the game of Bowls primarily within
the community of the Retire@Midstream residential areas, the general area of the Midstream
Estates and beyond these areas. 2 (Constitution 1 June 2016)

5.1 The colours and logo of the Bowls Club shall be white, turquoise and maroon.
5.2 The colours and logos shall be registered with Bowls Gauteng North.

6.1 Member shall apply to both male and female.
6.2 The masculine shall include the female gender; the singular shall include the plural.

6.3 In case of doubt as to the meaning of any rule, the interpretation of the Bowls Committee shall
be binding upon the members until such time as the Bowls Club, in a general meeting, shall
otherwise determine.
6.4 A Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls Committee will act as the channel of communication between
the Bowls Club and the Retire@Midstream Board.
6.5 The Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls Committee will consist of a designated HOA Board member,
the Estate Manager and a mandated R@M Bowls Club Committee member.

Membership of the Bowls Club shall be permitted to the following persons:
7.1 Full members that are residents of one of the Retire@Midstream residential areas, shall always
receive preference when applications for membership are considered. They will pay a lesser
membership fee than other full membership classes. (Inserted Oct 2019)
7.2 Full members that are non-resident of one of the Retire@Midstream residential areas, pay a
higher membership fee than residents living in Retire@Midstream. (Inserted Oct 2019)
7.3 All full members will be required to be affiliated to Bowls Gauteng North (BGN) and Bowls South
Africa (BSA) and to pay such affiliation fees as might be applicable. (Inserted Oct 2019)
7.4 Dual Members: A dual member is a full affiliated member of R@M Bowls Club, but who is a full
member of another club, with that as their primary club as per Bowls South Africa definition. Their
affiliation fees are paid to the primary club. (Inserted Oct 2019)
7.5 Honorary Life Members: These full members elected by a General Meeting of members of the
Club on the recommendation of the Club Committee. The criteria for election should be for
outstanding service to the Club or to the game of Bowls over an extended period of time. (Inserted
Oct 2019)
Honorary Life members shall be exempted from paying club membership fees, but shall be
responsible for all other fees and charges, including affiliation fees. They shall have full membership
privileges (Inserted Oct 2019)

The Committee of the Bowls Club shall exercise the powers delegated to it by the HOA Board, for the
proper control and management of the affairs including the internal functioning and discipline of the
Bowls Club, where necessary in consultation with the Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls Committee.

9.1 The affairs of the Bowls Club shall be managed by a Committee of up to nine (9) elected
members. This Committee shall regulate the activities of the Bowls Club in accordance with the MOI
of Retire@Midstream and in consultation with the Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls Committee, this
Constitution and the By-laws of the Bowls Club, the laws of Bowls Gauteng North and the laws of
Bowls South Africa.

9.2 To ensure that the primary objective of the Club as per clause 4 is achieved, it is a requirement of
the HOA Board that the following positions on the Club Committee be held by Retire@Midstream
residents: President, Vice President and Treasurer (Inserted Oct 2019)
9.3 The Committee shall consist of the following elected members:
9.3.1 President
9.3.2 Vice President
9.3.3 Honorary Secretary
9.3.4 Treasurer
9.3.5 Competition Secretary (Internal)
9.3.6 Competition Secretary (External)
9.3.7 Three additional members
9.3.8 In addition to the above elected members, the immediate past-president of the Bowls Club
shall be a member of the Committee, with full voting rights. If for any reason the past-president does
not serve on the committee, this position will be left vacant.
9.4 The members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), having
been duly nominated and seconded in writing by members of the Bowls Club in good standing.
9.5 All Committee members shall serve for a period of one (1) year but may be re-elected into the
same, or any other position at a subsequent AGM.
9.6 A notice with the accepted nominees shall be exhibited on the Bowls Club notice board at least
fourteen (14) days before the date set for the AGM.
9.7 Members with voting rights will be able to delegate a proxy to vote on their behalf during an
AGM meeting. The required form should be timeously submitted to the honorary secretary.
(Inserted Oct 2019)
9.8 In addition to the responsibilities detailed in Clause 10.1 the Committee shall be responsible for
reporting to HOA Bowls Committee on all matters relating to the management of the Bowls Club.
9.9 The Committee shall peruse all applications for membership of the Bowls Club having satisfied
itself that the necessary clearance certificate, where applicable, has been submitted. The Committee
shall then formally accept such applications and inform the applicant accordingly.

10.1 President
10.1.1 The President shall preside at all meetings of the committee. In the event of the President’s
absence, the Chair shall be taken by the Vice-President. In the absent of both the President and the Vice-President, the members present shall elect a chairperson for that meeting, the proceedings of
which shall be deemed valid.
10.1.2 The President shall represent the Club at all Bowls Gauteng North functions. Should the
President be unable to attend any function, the Vice-President shall attend. In the event of neither
the President nor Vice-President being able to attend, the President shall nominate another member
of the Committee to attend on his behalf.
10.1.3 The President or another fully mandated official shall represent the Bowls Club on the
relevant Sub-committee of the HOA. Should the President or the alternate fully mandated official be
unable to attend any meeting of that sub-committee for any reason whatsoever, the Vice-President
or another delegate shall attend.
10.2 Honorary Secretary
10.2.1 The Honorary Secretary shall ensure that proper records are kept of all proceedings of the
Committee and shall provide minutes of all such proceedings to the members of the Committee.
10.2.2 The Honorary Secretary shall ensure that all incoming mail addressed to the Bowls Club is
brought to the attention of the Chairperson and the Committee. Where necessary, the Honorary
Secretary shall ensure that all outgoing mail from the Committee is correctly addressed and
10.2.3 The Honorary Secretary shall keep an updated database of all club members and is
responsible for all communication and administration with Bowls Gauteng North (BGN) and Bowls
South Africa (BSA)
10.3 Treasurer
10.3.1 The Treasurer shall ensure that proper records are kept pertaining to all income and
expenditure on behalf of the Club. Monthly financial statements are to be submitted to the HOA at
the end of each month. All income collected by the club after deduction of the monthly expenses
must be paid into the HOA bank account either by EFT or cash. Unbudgeted Club expenditure
beyond the day to day running expenses (Tea, coffee, biscuit and drinks) will have to be submitted to
the HOA sub-Committee for approval. A record of invoices for new members and yearly affiliation
and functions will also be submitted to the HOA accountant.
10.4 Competition Secretary Internal
10.4.1 The Internal Competition Secretary shall be responsible for organising and arranging all
internal Club competitions, taking into account the availability of members due to other club
commitments, such as League. The draw for all competitions must be displayed on the appropriate
notice-board. When necessary, the Internal Competition Secretary is to nominate a member of the
Bowls Club to perform the duties of Umpire.
10.4.2 The Competitions to be planned and organized are contained in the By-laws of the Bowls Club
but may be changed by the Committee from time to time to satisfy changing circumstances.

10.4.3 The Internal Competition Secretary is to arrange, at the end of each season, for the
applicable trophies to be engraved.
10.5 Competition Secretary External
10.5.1 The External Competition Secretary shall also be responsible for making the necessary
submissions for all competitions arranged by external organisations such as Bowls Gauteng North.
This entails ensuring that entry forms are removed timeously from the appropriate notice-boards
and forwarded to the organisation involved, with the necessary payment where applicable.
10.5.2 The External Competition Secretary shall be responsible for recovering entry fees where
applicable. Any member who enters his name into an external competition but has not paid the
Competition Secretary the entry fee by the time that the list is submitted, will not be forwarded.
10.6. General Committee duties
10.6.1 A Green Keeper will be appointed by the Committee, subject to the prior approval of the
Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls Committee. The Green Keeper will be responsible for Greens and
Grounds, and shall attend meetings called by either the Bowls Club or Retire@Midstream HOA
Bowls Committee to consider matters relating to greens and grounds.
He shall decide, in conjunction with the members of the Committee, and where necessary the HOA
Bowls Committee, on all matters relating to the preparation and availability of the greens for play.
Such decisions shall be made in accordance with Bowls Gauteng North greens policy where
10.6.2 A Disciplinary Convenor will be appointed by the committee, who in turn, shall co-op two or
more senior members to serve on the Disciplinary Committee, to deal with such cases as may be
referred to it by the Committee of the club. All disciplinary matters shall be dealt with as timeously
as possible, according to the “Procedure and Notes” as detailed on the Notification of a Disciplinary
10.6.3 Members of the Club may be co-opted to assist the Committee in any matters relevant to the
affairs of the Club. Such members shall have no voting rights at Committee meetings.

11.1 Two (2) Selection Committees shall be elected, one consisting of three (3) ladies who shall be
responsible for all matters relating to selection of ladies’ teams and the other, consisting of three (3)
men shall be responsible for all matters relating to selection of men’s teams. (Changed Oct 2019
from five to three ).
11.2 Both Selection Committees shall be elected by the Club Committee, at their first meeting of the
season, from the nominees submitted by the club members.
11.3 Each Selection Committee shall at its first meeting, elect a Convenor who shall act as
Chairperson of each of the committees.

11.4 In the absence of the Convenor at any meeting, the remaining members shall appoint a
Chairperson for that meeting.
11.5 Duties of the Selection Committees.
11.5.1 The two committees with the coaches shall have a joint meeting as early as possible in the
season. The purpose of the meeting is to grade club members according to their playing position.
The grading should be attached to the back of the member’s tab to aid the drawing of teams for
tabs-in games. In the event of a new member joining the Bowling Club after the grading for the year
have been completed, the applicable Selection Committee shall hold an ad hoc meeting to grade
such member. The grading process should be done at least once a year.
11.5.2 The respective Selection Committees shall be responsible for selecting all teams or sides
which are to represent the Bowls Club in any tournaments organized by BGN & BSA. Where mixed
teams are to be selected, the two Selection Committees shall meet together and appoint a
Chairperson for that meeting.
11.5.3 The respective Selection Committees shall be responsible for the appointment of a side
captain for each Saturday League side (team captain for the reserve league). This person shall be
responsible for the wellbeing of the side (travel arrangements, reporting at venues, etc.)

12.1 Each member of the Committee attending the meeting shall have one vote.
12.2 In the event of an equal number of votes being cast in favour of and against any matter before
the Committee, the Chairperson shall have a second casting vote.
12.3 The vote of the majority shall, in all cases, bind the minority.

The Bowls Club Committee, in addition to the general powers delegated to it from time to time by
the Board of the HOA, shall be entrusted with the following powers: (Constitution 1 June 2016)
13.1 to co-opt a number of members of the Bowls Club to fill any vacancy or vacancies occurring on
the Committee. The members co-opted for this purpose shall enjoy equal powers with those
members elected at an AGM and shall hold office until the next AGM;
13.2 to co-opt such additional member or members as deemed necessary to advise the Committee
on any matter. A member or members co-opted in this manner shall not have the power to vote and
shall remain in office at the discretion of the Committee;
13.3 to determine the days on which play may take place;
13.4 to determine the order in which various competitions, matches and practice games shall enjoy
precedence so far as the use of available greens’ space is concerned;
13.5 to fix green fees, to fix charges for refreshments, including alcoholic and other beverages

13.6 to determine, in consultation with the Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls Committee, the terms
and charges for the use of bowling greens by an organisation and visitors for the purpose of any
match or competition. A visitor shall include any person who is not a fully paid-up member at the
Bowls Club;
13.7 to act, if so instructed by the Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls Committee, in any inquiry into
allegations of improper behaviour or conduct where the allegations are in relation to the activities of
the Bowls Club;
13.8 to arbitrate in any dispute pertinent to the Bowls Club. The Committee’s decisions shall be
binding upon all members but shall in no way abrogate the rights of members, nor the powers and
functions of Umpires appointed in terms of the Laws of the game of Bowls as approved by Bowls
South Africa;
13.9 to appoint a member of the Committee to serve on Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls Committee
on which the Bowls Club is entitled to representation;
13.10 to compile and manage an operational budget in consultation with the Retire@Midstream
HOA Bowls Committee.
13.11 wherever possible to raise funds and seek and obtain, with the Retire@Midstream HOA Bowls
Committee’s approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld, sponsors for the betterment of the
Bowls Club. No permanent advertising boards or posters may be installed in or on any of the
facilities of the Bowls Club;
13.12 to disburse, with the approval of the Retire@Midstream HOA Bowlsteommittee, funds so

14.1 The Committee shall hold a minimum of eight (8) meetings a calendar year. A meeting should
be held, if possible, in each calendar month unless exceptional circumstances determine otherwise.
14.2 The first meeting of the newly elected Committee shall be held within fourteen (14) days of the
date of the AGM. Thereafter the date and time of the next meeting shall be decided at each meeting
and absent members shall be informed by the Honorary Secretary at least five (5) days before the
meeting of the date and time of such meeting.

15.1 Any Committee member who does not attend three (3) consecutive meetings of the Committee
and who has not obtained leave of absence from the Committee shall, at the discretion of the
majority of the other members of the Committee, both cease to be a member of the Committee and
not be co-opted as a member of the Committee (or any sub-committee thereof) during its remaining
period of office.
15.2 In the absence of the Honorary Secretary, the Chairperson shall appoint a Committee member
to record the proceedings of the meeting and produce the minutes thereof.

16.1 The AGM of the Bowls Club shall be held not later than the last day of November of each year.
The Financial year end of the Club is 30 September. (Inserted Oct 2019)
16.2 Not less than fourteen (14) days’ notice shall be given, by e-mail or social media, to each
member and by notice on the Bowls Club’s Notice board.
16.3 The President shall submit a report to the AGM on the general affairs and concerns of the Bowls
Club and lay before it for consideration a statement of financial performance to date with reference
to the Bowls Section’s annual budget as approved by the Retire@Midstream Board.
16.4 The Chairperson shall have a casting vote on any matter being debated.
16.5 Any member wishing to move any resolution capable of being passed at an AGM shall submit a
copy of his proposal / resolution to the Honorary
Secretary at least seven (7) days before the date set for the AGM, or by such date as set out in the
promulgated Notice of Meeting.

17.1 A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called by the Bowls Club Committee at any time with
at least seven (7) days’ notice as prescribed for the calling of an AGM.
17.2 The notice shall specify the object of the meeting and no other business shall be discussed or
transacted at the meeting.
17.3 No resolution submitted to a SGM shall be passed unless it received the support of a two thirds
majority of those present and entitled to vote, where necessary in consultation with the
Retire@Midstream Bowls Committee.
17.4 The Committee shall call a SGM with at least seven (7) days’ notice as prescribed, not later than
seven (7) days after the receipt by the Honorary Secretary, a request signed by not less than ten (10)
members in good standing, that a SGM be called and setting forth the purpose of the meeting.

18.1 No meeting shall be held unless a quorum of members entitled to vote is present.
18.2 The quorum for General Meetings shall be twenty (20) members.
18.3 Should a quorum not be present within thirty (30) minutes of the time appointed for the
General Meetings and fifteen (15) minutes for all other meetings, the meetings shall stand
adjourned until the same time and day of the following week, when those members present shall
transact the business for which the meeting was called.


No amendments to this Constitution shall be made except by a resolution taken at a General
Meeting convened and conducted in the manner heretofore prescribed, in consultation with the
Retire@Midstream Bowls Committee.

The Bowls Committee will from time to time revise and update the By-laws including discipline and
grievance procedures of the R@M BC.
Signed at Retire @ Midstream on the 5th day of December 2019.
On behalf of the Retire@Midstream Bowls Club
Retire@Midstream Estate Manager
On behalf of the Retire@Midstream HOA Board